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From radio dramas to broadcast advertising, Earwax Productions has been creating award-winning radio projects for more than sixteen years.





NPR's Lost and Found Sound
This Peabody award-winning millennial series was broadcast weekly on NPR's All Things Considered. Richly-layered stories chronicle the century through sound. Produced by the Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva.








Bay Area Radio Drama: Locations
Notable Bay Area writers, including Millicent Dillon, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Helen Cline, examine specific locations as dramatic settings. Using each place's unique auditory qualities, this series creates on-site radio drama.









Virtual Paradise: An Audiograph
One in a series of award-winning audiographs, Virtual Paradise plays with the rantings of visionaries and geeks, as they fantasize about interactive computer-generated worlds. Hear Timothy Leary in this selection.









Radio Atelier: What's Happiness?
The pursuit of happiness is what America is all about--but, come to think of it, what is happiness, anyway? Sample the collective unconscious with earwax producer Jim McKee and Radio Atelier's (Finland) Harri Huhtamäki.











Victorville by Marcy Kahan
Victorville is a radio drama produced for the BBC. Starring David Ogden Stiers, it tells the story of the legendary relationship between Orson Welles, John Houseman, and Herman Mankiewicz that led to the creation of Citizen Kane.



Earwax also produces radio ads for such clients as Aiwa, The California Milk Advisory Board, and others.